Self Petitioning for a Green Card if You Have Extraordinary Ability

If you have come to work in the United States as a performer, scholar, athlete, or scientist and can demonstrate that you have “extraordinary ability,” you may be able to self petition for a green card to have permanent residence. In order to demonstrate that you have extraordinary ability, you must prove that your work […]

What is Extraordinary Ability for The Artist?

Extraordinary ability is one of those terms that can cause some confusion in understanding what it means. However, we need to understand that the government, in deciding whether a person qualifies for O-1 status, has actually developed TWO definitions of extraordinary ability. In this post, I will discuss the evidence threshold for the artist. In […]


I have been fortunate to practice as an immigration attorney for people with extraordinary ability, especially artists, as one of my passions in life is ballroom dancing. My husband and I dabbled in American social for many years but for the past six years we have been focused on International Standard as well as Latin. […]