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Italian Citizenship (Dual Citizenship)

Caterina Ranieri Grasso, Esq is a dual citizen of the United States and Italy. She offers her clients her knowledge and expertise in helping them prepare for their Italian Citizenship applications. Ms. Grasso can assist with filing for and obtaining court orders to address any family name misspellings or to reconcile any discrepancies, order birth, death and marriage certificates as required, assist clients with obtaining apostilles and translations of relevant documents, and order US naturalization document or a "no record" letter from USCIS.

We are not an Italian Law firm. We are an American office admitted to practice law in New York State that can assist you in obtaining necessary documentation to further your Italian Citizenship goals.

Ms. Grasso suggests that to determine if you are qualified for Italian Citizenship, go to the Italian Consulate website for information regarding Italian Citizenship at

If you are interested in obtaining your Italian Dual Citizenship, please contact Caterina Grasso, a New York immigration attorney, for a consultation to assist you in your goals.


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