For Americans Seeking Panamanian Pensionado Visa or Friendly Nations Visa

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Panama Visas

Panamanian Pensionado Visas | Friendly Nations Visas

For Americans Seeking Panamanian Pensionado Visa or Friendly Nations Visa

I am a United States attorney licensed to practice law in the State of New York. We can assist you with preparing documents necessary to apply for a Panama Visa, whether it is the Pensionado Visa or the Friendly Nations Visa.

Panamanian Pensionado Visas

For Pensionado Visas, after you have gone through security clearance with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the FBI issues the results of your fingerprint submission, the results must be authenticated. Our office can assist you in this regard.

Also, you must provide proof that you are receiving a minimum of $1,000 plus $250.00 for each dependent in the form of pension and/or social security benefits in the United States. If you are receiving benefits from the United States Social Security Office, we can assist you in obtaining the necessary letter verifying your benefits. We can also assist you in having the letter certified for Panamanian pensionado visa purposes.

Please call our office for more information regarding American documentation necessary for Panamanian Pensionado Visas.

Friendly Nations Visas

If you are a United States Citizen seeking a Panamanian Friendly Nations Visa, we can assist you in obtaining the necessary documents to give to your Panamanian attorney who is assisting you with your application.

As part of your application, you will have a Federal Bureau of Investigations security clearance conducted. If the fingerprint results confirm that you have no criminal record, the results must then be authenticated. We can assist you in authenticating the FBI results.

In order to make it more convenient for you in the event you are not in the United States, we can also assist you in obtaining long form certified copies of marriage certificates, birth certificates, apostilles, etc., as necessary to file your application.

We are not a Panamanian law firm. We are an American law office admitted to practice in the State of New York that can assist you in obtaining proper documentation to further your Panamanian Visa goals. Please call our office for more information.


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